Friday, October 31, 2014

What's In Your Closet?

A Halloween treat, for all my fans!


  1. Wow, nice Halloween photos!

    The vertical aspect ratio gives a really cramped, confined feel to them, as I'm sure was the intent, and the black-and-white rendition makes your skin look quite pale, and gives the photos kind of a Blair Witch Project look. Creepy!

    I must say, when I first saw these photos they were so effective that they gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach because of concern for your safety. Such a visceral reaction; in fact, it was a bit distressing for a moment before I began to process them as stylistic works of art.

    How did you manage to take these shots? Did you do it alone? I wonder how you were able to get in such an extreme position to wait for the picture to be taken. It looks like you're just barely able to reach up high enough on tiptoe to get in the restraints.

    One other thing. When I clicked on the photos to view them individually on a black background, I noticed that if I quickly swiped my finger across the top of the mouse the photos would flash rapidly from one to another on the screen. The effect was like that of a zoetrope, giving the impression of motion. It looked like you were spinning about as you hung from the restraint. Perhaps this is just the effect you had in mind from the start, but I only noticed it after playing around a bit. Actually, it makes the photos even spookier than they are already.

    You won't be surprised to hear that the deviant, porn-loving side of me likes photo 1 the most. As always, I like the sight of your hard cock – it's so exciting to know you were excited as you took the picture (and your cock is beautiful anyway). When I saw your cock pointing almost at the skull of the skeleton I thought, "Wow, it would be cool if the skeleton gave him a blow job." Sort of a boner for a boner, so to speak. Or perhaps a bony hand job, lol. I thought maybe in this fantasy scene your captor might be subjecting you to bizarre sexual situations, like sex with a skeleton, or sex with another guy, and that even though you wanted to be released and get away your cock reacted to the sexuality of it even though your mind was opposed. An interesting potential conflict.

    Thanks for your Halloween creativity.

  2. I'm glad these photos were effective at producing an unsettling atmosphere. Your concerned reaction proves an excellent point. A lot of people like to think they can tell how a model is feeling just by looking at a photo (and this method of examination is frequently used to indict porn), but that just goes to show how little they understand the artifice of photography ("cameras never lie", huh?).

    It's also a good example of how an emotional reaction is not always the best possible reaction to a situation. Some people are just so sure of themselves sometimes - yet see how easily the human mind is fooled! Though the theme of these photos is pretty morbid, I had a blast shooting them.

    These photos were a challenge to take, but I credit my years of experience as a self-portrait photographer - I shot them completely alone. I adjusted the restraints so that they were hanging at just the perfect height from the ceiling, and just loose enough that I could slip my wrists into them while standing on my tiptoes. Then I set up the camera and took a long series of timed shots, rushing into position for every single shot. My calves were pretty sore by the time I was finished, lol!

    I like to take pictures like these partly because of the thrill of the taboo - breaking taboos is an empowering way to affirm that we do, in fact, have freedom of speech. But there's also an element of fantasy involved. Obviously, I wouldn't enjoy being strung up naked in some madman's closet next to the skeleton of another unfortunate victim, but roleplay lets us extract excitement from unusual situations, while avoiding all the risks and dangers.

    And one of the peculiar things about human sexuality is that sometimes the most twisted scenarios can harbor some illicit sexual thrill, even if only on a psychological level. That's something that the Marquis de Sade understood well, and it disappoints me that there are a lot of people who study human sexuality that still don't seem to get it.

    Anyway, I'm glad you were able to appreciate the photos in the spirit they were intended!

  3. You sure have become a master of the self-portrait. I think it's amazing what you've been able to accomplish on your own – you've raised the technique to an art form in its own right. And I bet your calves were sore by the time you were done – but, you know, seeing you on tiptoe like that really does accentuate your legs, kind of like the effect of high heel shoes on women.

    Did you try out the zoetrope effect? It was kind of cool. With another shot or two it would have looked like you were spinning all the way around.

    I hope you had an enjoyable Halloween!

  4. I do what I can, with what I have. -_^

    Yes, you're right about the zoetrope effect. That wasn't intended, but it works pretty well, and, as you said, adds another layer of creepiness to the images!