Friday, September 5, 2014

Outfit of the Day (#ootd) - Double Special!

I wore this outfit the other night. I explained some more details about this pink swim wrap/dress here. With my hot pink purse, and my hot pink flip flops, I was a little bit concerned that it would look like a bubble gum factory had exploded all over me. There is a concern [all the way] at the back of my mind about "trying too hard" to look feminine (instilled in me by other people's reflections), but the truth is, I love the color pink, and I wore this outfit with confidence.

It's interesting to see how my wardrobe has evolved over the years, as I continue to collect pieces, and weed out the ones that don't suit me so well. In the beginning of my "transition" to living as a girl, I would grab anything and everything and try it out, but with experience - the kind of experience most women my age have decades more of than me - I've learned to focus on some combination of the clothes I like, and the clothes that actually look good on me.

That having been said, I'm a very girly girl. I've never really considered the ultra-feminine pieces in my wardrobe to be an expression of the effort I put into being a girl, so much as simply an expression of my personality. If I had been born female, and all other things being the same, I'd still wear all this ultra-girly pink explosion stuff. Because I just like it!

Moving on to a second outfit - I took this picture in the dressing room, but this wasn't an outfit I was trying on, it was actually the one I wore to the store. I was trying on another prom dress (the blue one on the hook). It was really short on top and bottom (which by now you should know I like), but the waist was way too small on me. It's a pity, because it had been marked down to the all-time low price of a dollar!

Anyway, the dress I'm wearing is another one of my favorites. I bought it from a girl doing cartwheels at a yard sale. I don't doubt it was a bit longer on her, but the length suits me just perfectly. It's green, which is my other favorite color, and though I do have trouble keeping it from sliding down and threatening to cause me to flash people in public, it's really easy to slip on and off and is nice and cool for the summer. I actually had one guy in the store that night go out of his way to tell me that he liked my dress. If he only knew. ;-p


  1. Mmmm, you look so pretty in that pink outfit. Where did you wear it, and did you get any comments there?

    If I was out someplace and saw you in that outfit I would be totally distracted from whatever I had been doing, lol. I would be enjoying everything about your presence, from head to toe.

    The green dress is lovely, too. I like how your shoulders and arms look in it, and I especially like your pretty legs, of course. I'm surprised you had only one guy come up to you, lol.

    When you were out in these dresses did you ever purposely "strike a pose" like in your photos to emphasize your legs for any onlookers. I ask because a couple days ago I was pumping gas, and I thought the guy at the next pump might be checking out my legs and flip flops, so I lifted up a bit, almost on tiptoe, to show off my legs as well as I can (nothing compared with you, to be sure). It was fun and exciting to sort of "feel" his eyes enjoying my legs – if he really was. I was happy to put on a bit of a show for him, then I got in my car and drove off, lol.

  2. I've worn that pink dress many places: to the store, the laundromat, the gas station. This time I think I went to a restaurant. It's rare for someone to actually go out of their way and compliment me, but by the looks I get, I know people are noticing me; I'm just not always sure what they're thinking.

    I don't really do any deliberate posing for the benefit of strangers, but I've been told I have a natural grace, and due to my experience with modeling, I tend to "carry" myself sometimes in an aesthetic fashion.

    Sadly, I don't think women are checking me out in the same way that men do (this goes into a whole discussion of feminism and gender studies, as the desirable women I am attracted to are used to being the pursued object of affection, and not the pursuing hunter), and it's not really men's attention that I'm after (I do it for myself, first and foremost - if a voyeuristic third party gets to benefit from that, then that's his gain). I don't begrudge anyone a look or a kind comment, but - and I hate to say this - I don't trust the men where I live enough to go out of my way to do anything that could be construed as "leading them on".

  3. Thanks for your reply. I always enjoy hearing from you.

    I would agree that you are graceful in your movements in a very natural way – I've seen it in your videos.

    I think it's harder to know sometimes if a woman is checking you out – this may be a stereotype, but I think they are sometimes less overt about it, whereas a guy often wants you to know he's checking you out. I once had a woman from work stop by to get some computer programs, and as she followed me up the stairs to my office (me in flip flops and a light pair of running shorts) she suddenly reached up and grabbed my ass, giving it a nice healthy squeeze. I've had other women compliment my ass, so I guess it's not too bad, but I never would have guessed that this woman was checking out my ass until she grabbed it, lol.

    Another time I was standing in line for a movie, and a woman in front of me suddenly told me she liked my beard. I didn't even know she was looking at me. She said her husband was growing a beard, but he doesn't look as good as I do. That was nice to hear, of course, but I was taken aback a bit by how forward she was. But again, I didn't even know she had seen me prior to her statement.

    As for the guy at the gas station, it looked pretty obvious he was looking at me. I'm not interested in leading him on, either, or the least bit attracted to him in any way, but the idea he was looking at me just kind of brought the exhibitionist in me out a bit. I was surprised at my reaction, and by the fact that I enjoyed it – even though it may have all been only in my mind.

  4. I guess I may be afraid that if a guy sees me, thinks I'm a girl, and considers me attractive, then the more attention I draw to myself, the better the chance he'll realize that I'm not your "typical" woman, and I don't want to find out how some guys will react if they feel like they were just "tricked" into checking another guy out.

    In any rate, it's pretty complicated. I've never had a strange woman squeeze my ass, lol. But I would like it if women were a bit more aggressive in terms of flirting and evaluating potential mates. As a male with a more submissive (and thus traditionally feminine) personality, I've had a really hard time "connecting" with women whom I find attractive, all through my life.