Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sexism? Sexisn't

Following on the theme of my last post, I just wanted to say that...sexism isn't men taking pictures of naked women for magazine covers. That's just sexuality. Sexism is criticizing a man for carrying a hot pink purse (for example) due to a belief that it is somehow demeaning for a man to "lower himself" to expressing an interest in anything typically associated with women.

Get your priorities straight, people.

Oh, and actually, criticizing men for taking pictures of naked women for magazine covers is sexism - sexism against men, which is no more justified than sexism against women. This isn't supposed to be a men vs. women thing. Whatever happened to equality?


  1. Very beautiful photo, great look, cute and beautiful face, those eyes...
    I agree with what you're saying. We are what we are.
    As long as the women aren't harmed for 'the male purpose', what's the problem.
    I think, given time, women will prove they aren't all that different anyway.
    I get the feminist point of view, too, of course. We are still busy crawling out of the dark ages when it's about women's rights and all that. The fear of being thrown back is still too bad.
    We must stay aware, very aware, considering the nature of men...

  2. I'm really impatient when it comes to social evolution. I guess it's related to my transhumanism. Why waste years of human civilization being less than the enlightened gods we could be?