Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Couple of Pet Peeves

To each their own, but both as a voyeur/exhibitionist and as a photographer/model, these two things get on my nerves.

1. Men who don't let their wives/girlfriends dress sexy or pose seductively, because they're jealous of other men looking at her.

You fuck with your cock, not with your eyes, jeez!

I could also go into fathers who police their daughters' wardrobes because they don't want them to dress like "sluts", while turning around and high-fiving their buddies when a group of skimpily-dressed "sluts" passes them on their way to the bar. If you enjoy women's sex appeal, how about treating the ones who show it off with a little respect? Sheesh.

2. Women who say they won't pose nude because they're saving their body for their significant other.

Even if the entire world sees you naked (which is not a big deal, by the way), your husband/boyfriend is still the only person who gets to have sex with you. And that's a pretty big fucking deal, in my opinion.

Like I said, everyone can make their own decisions in life, but these are two things I don't personally agree with.


  1. Yes, that's something that annoys me a lot, too:
    Some men are just SO jealous, they can't even stand the thought of sharing the nude image of their wives!
    And this while they are probably the same kind of men that love to show them off at the beach, in tiny bikinis in which you see everything!
    I really, really don't understand that!
    What's the difference? If another man looks too much at their wife at the beach they can kick his ass? And if other men look at photos of their wives on the internet they have no control over that?
    Who the fuck cares, especially since the public are people they don't even know!
    I, as a stupid women, would think the risk of losing them is bigger at the beach, no?
    Probably this kind of men are the kind that spends a lot of time looking at nude photos of other ladies on the internet...
    Looking at them, and who know what else they do, like spilling their juices, right?
    Like the husband of one of my models... He was at the shoot and loved what we were doing, making beautiful and tasteful nude portraits. Still, later he forbid me to publish photos where her vagina was visible, even if only a little bit!
    WTF??? I really, really don't get that! They should be proud, but no...
    So now he has the (free) sexy photos of his wife while I could only publish the boring ones!
    So annoying!
    I'm sorry for the rant, but, you started me!

  2. You're welcome to rant on my blog any time you want. :-)

    Also, as a nudist, the sentiment, "only my boyfriend gets to see me naked" simply does not compute!

  3. Yes. That's so... I don't even have words for that, actually. Sad, maybe.
    As if the nudity is worth more if only one person sees it? What a waste...
    I don't know. But I'm lucky, I never heard that one before!
    I imagine that to be something only very young (and religious?)people would say.
    And I don't look for young people to photograph, on the contrary.
    And most people aren't very religious in Belgium.
    Thank g... Heavens! "-))
    Anyway... don't give up with these girls, somebody has to save them!

  4. Lol, yes, somebody must save them! :D

    It's true, young people seem to hold these confused beliefs a lot (although they are not alone). I think it's largely a symptom of them not having had enough time and experience to come to more reasonable beliefs (although some people never come around). Even I used to think "saving oneself for marriage" seemed like a good idea, but that was before I decided that marriage itself wasn't such a great idea in the first place. Time has evolved many of my beliefs, and I'd like to think it's for the better.

    On the other hand, I can't give up on young people as easily as you, as youth is a quality that I think is very appealing, and quite in spite of the modern trend to hide young people away from the public eye, I think young people ought to be represented more in the visual arts.

    It is a conundrum...

  5. In Belgium we had the Dutroux affair...

    First time something like this came out, tiny country...
    Since then not even David Hamilton would have had a chance, I bet!
    But that's not why I like to work with older people, I just like the 'story' they have, unlike very young people. And I like the challenge, I think photographing very young and beautiful people is too easy. Everybody loves that. :-))
    I work with normal people, I don't look for beautiful thin models. I want to photograph everybody who would like to pose nude for me, no matter how they look.
    But I can see the beauty of youth, too, of course.
    And you are still so young yourself! It wouldn't be healthy if you had an interest in ugly old people! Haha...

  6. Haha, yes.

    I am not shy to admit that I am very shallow. But at the same time, I can see the depth in people. And I like both. But for the visual medium, I fear I am attached to the classical philosophy of perfect bodies. It is just what moves me, and I am certainly not restricted to that discipline, only focused on it. ;-)

    But I am very glad there are people doing the sort of thing you are doing, too. Viva la diversité!