Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Looking Ahead

As you probably know, I post most of my photography on flickr. Flickr was the best and only photo-sharing website I could find to exhibit my photography. I appreciated their reasonable rules (as opposed to, well, opposition) regarding images containing nudity or depicting sexually explicit activity. At the same time, flickr was not designed and has never been advertised as a haunt for perverts hunting porn, so I really felt like my softcore, artistic approach to erotica would be welcomed (without being censored), and it has. Plus, flickr has an excellent community of users, and their website poses as a fantastic tool for organizing one's photography.

That having been said, with flickr's recent new overhaul (yet another in a long line of unasked-for changes to their website and how it functions), I figured it was a perfect opportunity to take a hiatus from the website and focus on other, long-neglected avenues for exhibiting my photography. I've already begun work on a series of photobooks that I am very excited about, chronicling my rise as an erotic photographer. Meanwhile, I've begun uploading select videos from an unreleased daily nude video project on my modeling profile at XTube.

I'll try to keep you updated here with all the major new developments, but definitely bookmark my website (here's the page for my erotic photography) to stay in the loop!