Monday, February 18, 2013

Public Privacy

Let me put this into crystal clear terms. If I walk out into a public space, you have - in my interpretation of law and freedom, but not necessarily those whose interpretation matters - the right to photograph me in a non-intimidating, non-obtrusive way, to jerk off to that photograph in the privacy of your own home, and to share that photo with others - even in a public, but non-commercial manner (such as on internet forums), and even if those others also jerk off to that photo in the privacy of their own homes.

The photo does not legally constitute pornography, as it does not depict explicit sexual activity (as such is not legal to engage in within any public space I know of - otherwise, it is my opinion that by engaging in an activity while in a public space, you waive any right to privacy you would have had had that activity been engaged in while in private), and therefore my consent (or lack thereof) to be featured in that photograph is of no consequence (other than to basic politeness, which is not legally enforcible).

I extend to you this right, which I believe you hold even without my volunteering it, and I expect exactly the same consideration in return (barring the inevitable disagreement from legal authorities). It makes no difference what sex, race, age, or nationality you or I are. This is not a matter of one class wielding power over another, but of all classes being equally beholden to the rights and freedoms granted to the public, while in public, in the interest of free speech.

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