Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't Change Me

I have a pet peeve about people who want to change me. They want me to cut my hair. They want me to dress in men's clothes. They want me to wear heels and stockings. They want me to take hormones to grow bigger breasts. They want me to grow my body hair out or shave it all off.

I appreciate that people's tastes are particular and varied. And I encourage suggestions. But this is the way I am, and I just don't appreciate people coming in with the sort of attitude that I have to be a certain way - which is the particular way they like people to be.

If you like something that I'm not, then just maybe, I'm not the perfect model for you. Again, it's a matter of attitude more than anything. "You have to do this, you have to do that." "You really should do this, you really should do that." I'll do whatever the hell I please. You're free to make suggestions, but what I decide is ultimately what's best for me, and I expect you to respect that.

My body, my choice. That doesn't just mean that I get to make the final decision (though I do), that means that you ought to give me the benefit of the doubt. If there's something about me you don't like, it may not necessarily be deliberate - I may even want to change it - but you don't know that, and if you want to be on my side, I expect at most a polite suggestion rather than an expectation of change.

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