Thursday, January 17, 2013

"What's your sexual fetish?"

I prefer to describe it as my sexual taste. Naming the things I like, and describing them as fetishes, seems to take all the poetry and humanity out of it.

I am attracted to lithe young girls with long limbs and light hair and pale skin. I like bare feet and summer dresses and smooth sunlit skin. I like public nudity and completely naked bodies among nature. I like bows and flowing gowns and things that sparkle. I also like clothes that are tight and revealing - short shorts, bikinis, flip flops. I like grace and composure and restraint, but also passion and eroticism. I like pretty panties, more while they are being worn than after they come off. I like girls who are smart and cute and mature beyond their years, but still playful. I like ballerinas and gymnasts and princesses. I like girls who aren't intimidated by their own sex appeal.

What's your pleasure?

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