Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surrounded by Beauty

On flickr, I see girls that are gorgeous, living in places with beautiful scenery. Beaches, forests, mountainscapes... And I think to myself, how easy it must be to take beautiful pictures when there are beautiful things all around you.

Now that's not to take anything away from the photographers themselves - I believe the single most important thing a photographer possesses is the ability to see beauty and the drive to capture it.

Some people can pass beauty without recognizing it, others might see it but not feel compelled enough to go out of their way to set up a camera and capture it so it can be shared with others - these are things a photographer does that a photographer deserves to be praised for.

But put a photographer (and sometimes even a non-photographer) in front of a beautiful subject and they will almost certainly be able to capture a beautiful photograph.

Where I'm going with this is, I'm jealous of all the beautiful people who live in such beautiful places. But, it does make me feel better about myself that I can manage to take a great picture every once in a while despite what I have to work with.

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