Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Skirt-Related Realization

One of those things you notice when you wear a short skirt is that if you don't carefully guide the placement of the back of your skirt as you sit down, you might very well place your bare ass (or, more commonly, your pantied bottom) on the cold surface of the chair.

I always thought that motion you constantly see women go through when sitting down was mostly for decorum - to keep the skirt in order, and to protect one's modesty - but now I realize that when the skirt is sufficiently short, it has the very practical purpose of preventing one's skin or underclothes to come in contact with the chair (unless, of course, you like that sort of thing).

For a short enough skirt, though, you may well have that problem with your thighs anyway; and for a REALLY short skirt, like a micro-mini (about the length of that pink dress I wore to a costume convention), you'll be placing your ass on the chair either way, because there's just not enough skirt to cover your ass with your legs bent (which is also a benefit for voyeurs when you bend over to pick something up -_^).


  1. It's also to not wrinkle the skirt!
    A wrinkled skirt isn't flattering for any ass.
    I forgot to mention this:
    I also appreciate the humour in your photos a lot.
    And another thing I wanted to mention:
    NEVER take too much advice from other people, photographers or not.
    If you ever will become popular as a photographer, it will be because you are true to yourself and your own unique style, right?
    Unless you would like to be a bread- photographer who works on demand ,of course.

  2. Thanks for the insight and advice - I agree!