Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Opening

At last, Memorial Day Weekend has arrived, marking the unofficial start of the summer season (despite the periodic 80 degree temperatures we've already been having since March) - my favorite time of the year! And as I gear up for my first visit to a nudist resort this season (an occasion long-awaited through the winter), my mind strays constantly to the joys of being in a nudist-friendly environment outdoors in great weather (and the weather forecast for this weekend looks beautiful!).

I can still remember the experience of driving onto the property of a nudist resort for the first time in my life (has it already been two summers ago?). After I came through the gate in the privacy fence, the first thing I noticed was the flash of naked bodies in the distance, appearing starkly through the trees, jumping about in a game of volleyball. It was like some image from a vintage nudist magazine brought to life right before my eyes. The older woman's nudity at the check-in booth startled me, at such close proximity. It's not that I'd never seen naked bodies before (and not just impossibly fit porn star bodies), but it was the first time being in the presence of an experienced nudist - somebody for whom nudity is a total non-issue, in contrast to the hysteria so many textiles erupt into on command.

I, of all people, was actually scared and hesitant when it came time to take my own clothes off. I can assure you that it wasn't for lack of enthusiasm, but for so long, despite my yearning to be able to go naked in public and outdoors, without having to fear being seen (and the repercussions that would bring), I'd been programmed (for self-defense) to place a mental bar across my frequent desire to strip off my clothes, so that now - in an environment where it was welcomed, even expected - I still had trouble breaking society's programming and doing what felt natural (which is worth remarking, for the sake of all those people who complain about "weirdos" not having the self-control to avoid acting on their unusual, allegedly antisocial, desires).

But that didn't last long. All I wanted was confirmation that if I actually took my clothes off this time, I wouldn't be shouted at or hauled off to jail, and once I got it, I was naked in an instant, and stayed that way for the rest of my time behind that hallowed privacy fence (and probably longer than advisable once outside...). And the one remarkable thing about the nudist environment is how amazingly nonchalant the nudity is. It really is no big deal, and being in that environment really makes one wonder what the big goddamn deal is with people in the textile world.

Certainly it reinforces the belief that it is the textiles, and not the nudists, who are really the peculiar ones that are off their rocker. Moreso, given just how natural nudity really is. It also makes you realize how forced the whole ritual of getting dressed is. If it's the case that some situations do reasonably call for clothing (as many textiles argue), it's at least as true that other situations (like swimming) reasonably call for nudity. But then we get into issues like modesty and privacy - and I'll tell you what: prudes don't have the market cornered on the 'healthy lifestyles' debate. But I don't have the time or the patience to get into that right now. (Gotta pack - but not clothes!)

Given how much of a non-issue the nudity is, it's a mystery why so many people go so far out of their way, and pay money, to enjoy the nudist lifestyle. But they do - and I am one of them. I guess that's one of the paradoxes of nudism. But though the nudity is not a big deal in the sense of "oh my god, a nude person, gross (or sexy), shield your eyes (or start masturbating)!" the way that textiles make it out to be, it is a big deal to nudists in the sense of "this feels amazing, this is healthy, this is a beautiful way to live, I feel better, more natural, closer to nature, more comfortable, free, free to be myself, etc." So nudity really is a big deal, but in a positive way and not a negative way. And again, it harkens back to the question of whether it's really the nudists or the never-nude textile outcriers who are the mentally ill here. -_^

Have a great nudist season! And don't be afraid to take it outside while the weather is nice!

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