Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Q: Why do you post sexy pictures on the internet?

Following are the reasons why I post sexy pictures of myself on the internet:

* I like feeling desired, and I like being made to feel attractive.

* I like to perv over pictures of girls on the internet, but I have a guilt complex due to feminist brainwashing, and so as a result, I feel like it's only fair that I put my own body on the market, so I know what it feels like for girls to be perved on, and so that I know I'm not expecting of them anything I myself wouldn't be willing to do, or couldn't handle.

* I have a fascination for erotic photography, and while I'd prefer to take pictures of girls (because I'm attracted to girls), I'm a bit of a social recluse, so compromising on taking pictures of myself is much easier than meeting girls and asking them to take their clothes off for me (and risk getting slapped, or worse, slapped with a restraining order, or worse yet, in the case of some girls, a prison sentence).

* I guess I'm somewhat narcissistic, and I have a fascination with my own body, especially the way I've been transforming from masculine to feminine, and wreaking havoc with the gender norms (I love being rebellious and forcing people to consider alternative ideas, because I'm an eccentric person, and I've been victimized all my life by this love of conformity that justifies the mistreatment of people who are "strange" or different than the average; I get some sense of satisfaction by rubbing my individuality in the face of society :D).

* Sexy pictures are an easy "in" that gets people's attention, after which I can bombard them with my writing, which embraces all the alternative ideas I mentioned above.

* I have alternative ideas about sex and nudity and gender and attraction, and my photography is a way to a) demonstrate that I really live the ideals I profess (and am thus not a hypocrite), and b) express visually (and, as described in the last point, by written word) just what those ideas are.

* It gives me something to do that makes me feel like my life is worthwhile (I'm constantly brightening people's days!), even if it's not getting paid by a jerk of a boss for doing menial labor. (Frankly, I think my erotic photography is a more important job, but nobody pays me for it, so in commercial terms, society thinks I'm worthless - hence why I despise society, and commercialism in particular).

* Doing erotic photography inspires me very much and fuels my creativity, and is just plain fun to do!

* Plus, it turns me on! I'm a total voyeur, and I don't know if this comes with the territory, but it turns out that I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, too. I don't think this is actually any different than the first point I wrote above, but it's worth repeating, because so many people want an explanation when it comes to doing anything relating to sex. What do you need an explanation for? Isn't sex justification enough? Come on, people! Stop feeling guilty and get your hard on!


  1. All good reasons. :-))
    But, I have a better question:
    Why don't you place more sexy photos of yourself on the internet?
    And another one:
    How can I 'follow' your blog?
    I would love to, but I can't find a way to do it.
    Greetings and XXX
    Nadja, photographer and lover of erotics.

  2. I have tons of pictures on my flickr photostream! (But you have to be logged in to see them).

    I've just added a Followers widget to the sidebar at right. You should be able to follow this blog now. :-)

  3. Cool, cool, thank you very much!
    I have a lot of bookmarks, and a real bad memory...
    Long and dirty story...
    But that's why I still don't know how to use my Flickr account well, too...
    And why I still haven't uploaded any photos on it.
    But, I have my eye on you now.
    Love your writing, your ideas, and your photos.
    See you!