Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why a Sexual Revolution is Worth it

When faced with the difficulty of changing social-sexual norms, it's very tempting to say, why bother? After all, what will be accomplished but plunging society into moral decay, and giving fringe perverts free license to bask in their depravity?

But you see, that attitude itself is a symptom of modern sexual mores. Why do we see sex as this dirty, unnatural thing, and why are we in opposition to it? Does it have to be that way? Listen - what we have to gain from a sexual revolution is turning sex from something to be ashamed of into a powerful force for good in life.

Why do we insist on making people feel bad for wanting to feel good? Wouldn't life be better for all of us if we were allowed to indulge our sexual appetite without shame? Embracing sexuality doesn't mean allowing an anything-goes kind of mentality. We can still have ethics and morals about sexuality - so that people continue to treat one another well. The difference is that people won't have to feel bad when they treat themselves and others to the experience of sexual bliss. How is this not a positive goal for mankind?

The essential fact is, human beings have a basic fundamental right to guilt-free orgasms. This is true without limitation to race, gender, or even age. It's true for the perverts who have bizarre sexual tastes, and it's just as true for the vanilla majority (assuming they're truly the majority). Every struggle and hardship in life would be easier to endure with the sexual orgasm on our side. Why wouldn't we want to enlist such a powerful ally, especially when it's currently being propped up as an enemy, used to wear down our collective physical and mental health?

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